All affiliate accounts on PayGear are 100% free. Vendors also can add unlimited products for free. Our vendors then have the luxury of deciding for themselves which pricing options works best for their business. PayGear is the only affiliate manager in the world to let the customer decide if they want transaction or flat rate billing in one platform. You decide which option fits your business model, switch at any time! Plus Warrior Speical Offers are 100% free to list and zero billing.


Transaction Billing

Every new sign up on PayGear is a free account, you will only be billed when you make a sale. Our chart below details our transaction billing.


Transaction Sum
PayGear Fees
Vendor Affiliate % Split
0 - $5.00
$5.01 - $15.00
$0.17 with max pre pay discount
$15.01 - $30.00
$0.33 with max pre pay discount
$30.01 - $50.00
$0.67 with max pre pay discount
$50.01 - $75.00
$1.00 with max pre pay discount
$75.01 - $100.00
$1.33 with max pre pay discount
$100.01 - $150.00
$1.367 with max pre pay discount
$150.01 - Infinity
$2.00 with max pre pay discount


PayGear fees are split by the vendor and the affiliate by the same percentage of the affiliate payout. So if a vendor offers a 2-tier affiliate payout of 60% on first tier and 10% on second tier the vendor will pay 30% of the PayGear fee, the first tier affiliate will pay 60% of the PayGear fee, and the second tier affiliate will pay 10% of the PayGear fee. Vendors will pay the fees up front and deduct the balance from the affiliate’s payout. PayGear fee deductions from affiliate payouts will automatically be calculated by PayGear.


Flat Rate Billing

Larger vendors are not restricted to transaction billing, instead they have the option to opt-in for monthly flat rate billing of $77 per month. This means unlimited transactions for only $77. If you were to do $100,000 of business in a month in a competitor ecommerce site you would likely pay anywhere between $5000 and $10,000 in transaction fees.


PayGear flat rate vendors only get charged $77 per month no matter how much business they do!


Transaction Sum
PayGear Fees
Transaction Limit
All Transactions (Must Opt-In)
$77 a Month Only (Zero Transaction Fees)


Warrior Speical Offer Products Billing

Warrior Special Offer products billing is probably the wrong wording as there is no billing. You may list a Warrior Special Offer at PayGear and when you do there will be no listing fees and no transaction fees. In fact we do not charge you anything at all. WSO product listings will be covered by PayGear at the price of totally free! This is our way to give back to our friends at the WarriorForum.


Transaction Sum
PayGear Fees
Transaction Limit
All WSO Transactions


Prepayment Fees Table

Vendors may reduce their fees by up to 50% by prepaying their fees. The more fees you purchase the more you save. vendors are only allowed to purchase credit if they carry a zero to positive balance. Complete table of prepayment fees purchase plans listed below.


Prepayment Amount
Credit Received
Bonus Amount %