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Earn extra income by placing ads with relevant content on your website.


PayGear’s website Ad Feed allows anyone to put relevant content on their site in only seconds. The process could not be any simpler. Select what size ad you wish to use, color, font and your done. Place the generated code on your website or blog and relevant ads will be displayed instantly and you can start earning extra income right away.




You select which category ads you wish to display, so all content is relevant to the users on your site. When a user on your website clicks one of the ads displayed, then makes a purchase you receive a commission. 


Paygear tracks all sales by affiliate link, so you are sure to received credit for any sales generated by your Ad Feed. Commissions can be as high as several hundred dollars to ongoing residual monthly payments.


The PayGear Ad Feed is a great way to keep users on your website or blog interested and only the top 25 best selling products will be displayed to increase your chances of making a sale. Plus Ad Feed users don’t have to worry about losing any traffic, if someone does click an ad in the Ad Feed displayed on your website, a new page will open, so your user can always return.


As an extra incentive if a user clicks on the “Ads By Paygear” link at the bottom of the Ad Feed, they will be taken to the PayGear website, if they then sign up for an account, you will received credit for that referral and receive a commission for any fees that user pays.


Vendors Benefit


Venders also benefit in a big way with the PayGear Ad Feed. Any product in the top 25 in each category will automatically be included in the Ad Feed, so if your product is one of the top 25 best sellers you’re going to get serge of new customers directly from Ad Feed users for FREE.


This system is easy to use, totally free and available right now in the PayGear’s members area. To get started Login or Create a Free Account.