Increase Your Earning By Being A PayGear Affiliate

PayGear affiliate accounts are 100% free and easy to create. Once you’re a member you get immediate access to all of the PayGear selling tools. Just sign up and promote and you may start receiving instant affiliate commissions today.

Affiliate Benefits


Resell any of our products and services and earn commission payouts as high as 95% per order.

Fast easy setup, free tracking and analytics, real time graphical reporting, easy to navigate marketplace and built-in marketing tools make affiliate marketing with PayGear a snap.

Analytic Reporting


PayGear gives both vendors and affiliate alike the ability to track every campaign with detailed reports so you can make the adjustments that affect your business positively.

Running AdWords ads, article marketing, or email marketing? PayGear allows you to split test and track an unlimited amount of campaigns for each product.

Affiliate Tools


More affiliate tools than any competitor.
Website Ad Feeds 2-tier affiliate programs Redirect affiliate link tool An array of marketing tools

Instant Commissions


PayGear's instant affiliate commission system is the most advanced of its kind.

Other instant affiliate commission platforms force vendors to process only by PayPal. However, PayGear vendors can accept payments via PayPal, credit card and Bitcoin simultaneously sending instant commission to the affiliate with both PayPal and Bitcoin.

One-Click Upsells


After purchase customers can be directed to an additional offer page where they can add a second or third purchase to their original order with just a single click.

Other services require you to apply for such a feature and then only approve their most valuable customers. At PayGear everyone gets everything!

1099 Tracking


PayGear can keep track of every affiliate payment made and create all the tax forms for you.

Other services require you to fumble around with downloading and uploading files and then only keep track of numbers, with no real 1099 creation. PayGear is like your own built-in accountant.

Two Tier Affiliate Program

Two Tier Affiliate Program

Want to recommend to a friend or business partner that they should also sell a product? You should then get commission on every sale they make.

PayGear vendors may support a 2-tier affiliate program where they have affiliates recommend their product to other affiliates to sell in exchange for a commission. Also perfect for JV brokers.

Affiliate Marketplace

Affiliate Marketplace

Search our affiliate marketplace to find products that best fit your niches. Search by any parameters that fit your needs as a reseller.

List products based on price, recurring, 2-tier programs, average rebill or a host of other specifications. At PayGear our affiliates can find the best products to maximize their reselling capability.

Partner Commission System

Partner Commission System

Did you and another PayGear member work on a product together? Instead of getting a flat fee for your work at PayGear, you may instead agree to take a percentage of each sale.

Have the vendor list you in the partner program for the product and receive a commission on every sale made.

Payments From Vendor

Payments From Vendor

Affiliates in PayGear are paid instantly by the vendor, not the purchasing customer. This means no disputes, charge backs or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Affiliate systems that have customers pay affiliates directly result in huge problems for everyone. Why deal with it? Use an affiliate management system that was built correctly and avoid all trouble.

Partner Commission System

Affiliate Bonus System

Affiliates may add a bonus to any product they promote. As an affiliate you may have a product of your own that would add value to the product you’re promoting.

PayGear affiliates can upload or link that product to the customer’s order, PayGear will then handle delivery, only giving access to the customers that affiliate referred.

Payments From Vendor

Double Instant Commission System

PayGear vendors can send instant commission in both PayPal and Bitcoin to its affiliates making it the world’s only two processor instant commission system.

More ways to send commissions means more affiliates to join the team. Dynamic processing also means vendors may collect a payment in one processor then pay the affiliate in another.