PayGear is the most advanced affiliate management and shopping cart software in the world today. Our mission is to help people bring their website ideas to life by providing high functionality low cost ecommerce. PayGear launched in 2009 and is located in the beautiful state of Colorado.


  • Easy product set up
  • Get your product in a marketplace where it is visible
  • Shopping cart software that's as easy as copy and paste
  • One click upsells for increased profits
  • Shipping and tax calculator
  • Always running real 1099 tax tracking and tax form generator
  • List free Warrior Special Offers
  • Free Authorize.net account with every merchant account


PayGear developers were tired of having to pay high transaction fees on every sale and in the process being given limited features. We feel any company, whether you’re a large company with thousands of orders monthly or just launching your first web business, should be the one keeping its revenue―not your ecommerce partner. Flexibility to fit your budget is what PayGear is all about. At PayGear we understand how hard you worked on creating your product and want to make sure we support your efforts every step of the way.


I realized back in 2005 that something was not right when I recognize that I was being told how I could run my company by an ecommerce partner who really had no interest in my business. They made up blanket policies that were just in place to cover their own butt and could not possibly fit every type of business.
I was paying thousands of dollars in transaction fees each month and at no point did I ever feel like I was valued or if they even cared about my success at all. On top of that there was limitations on what I could do.


So I decided to build the ecommerce partner I would love to have - a partner site that would allow me to set up my business no matter what type of business it was just the way I wanted it. Not just limit my checkout to a single product, but allow customers to buy several of my items at once. Not just intangible products, but tangible products too. Fast and easy set up and instant product approval. Being able to actually contact my affiliates and a whole array of other features I was looking for.

PayGear is that site, you run your business your way and we are here to support you every step of the way with more tools and better pricing options.